Eclipse Low Bleed White PLHE1060

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Eclipse Low Bleed White PLHE1060 is a high opacity, low tack formulation which allows printing through finer mesh counts without the need for a viscosity modifier. PLHE1060 has good low bleed characteristics for printing on Cotton (pre-test for potential to Ghost) and Poly/cotton blends. Use as an underlay where great opacity and good fiber mat down is needed, as a stand-alone white, or a highlight white.


  • Multipurpose low bleed White ink
  • High opacity and low tack formulation



Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron the printed image.
There may be potential to ghost on some fabrics due to the dyes used. Thoroughly pre-test this product on light colored or stone washed garments. Avoid conditions that may increase potential to ghost such as stacking printed garments while hot. Due to variations in garments and dyes used, always test for your use conditions.