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Athletic uniforms. Nylon mesh jerseys. Lycra/Spandex and Supplex nylon. Stencils: Use any direct emulsion or capillary film compatible with plastisol inks. Printing Instructions: Athletic Gloss inks should be printed through a coarse mesh screen in order to produce a thick deposit of ink. Placing a soft surface such as a silicone rubber pad on the platen will help print a thicker layer of ink. Two or three strokes may be necessary to drive the ink into the garment and still leave a thick film on top. For maximum deposit use soft or medium durometer squeegees with rounded or beveled edges.


Caution: Always test this product for curing, adhesion, crocking, opacity, wash-ability and other specific requirements before using in production. Athletic Gloss Metallic should be washed in cool water with mild detergent to preserve brilliance of finish. Even after taking these precautions, some detergents and ph factors of the wash water can adversely affect the longevity of the print. Many Athletic Gloss colors are available in nonmigrating formulations (see page 2). This indicates colors when printed over other numbers or graphics will not run into each other unless excessive heat (350ԍF/177ԍC and above) is applied. During the curing process. This concept should not be confused with bleed resistance.