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Recommended for removal of all types of photo-polymer, diazo, or capillary film on all types of mesh. Before using, refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for protective handling. Using a plastic container, mix a standard strength solution by dissolving 1 1/2 oz. by weight into 1 gallon of water. For removal of stubborn or resistant emulsion coating, a double strength solution may be necessary.

I    Apply solution liberally to both sides of an ink-free screen. This may be done by pouring onto screen, spraying with the use of a plastic spray bottle, or dipping the screen in a plastic tray containing the solution. Scour with stiff brush to assist stencil removal.

II   Allow solution to stay on screen for up to 5 minutes. DO NOT ALLOW SOLUTION TO DRY ON THE SCREEN. this will make stencil difficult to remove

III  Using a high pressure water spray, wash out screen thoroughly. Follow by degreasing with NUTRALYZE to make screen ready for immediate re-use.