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UV Fluorescent Light Exposure Unit

Vacuum screen exposure units make quality screen stencils for t-shirt printing. The entry level Xpo-2426 uses (8) 20 watt high output unfiltered ultraviolet fluorescent lamps with 320 nanometers each to burn screen printing stencils fast. A vacuum motor instantly draws down the blanket to hold the screen frame mesh and transparency film flat against the glass. A digital timer controls exposure times. The screen exposure unit can be used in automatic or manual mode with a flip of a switch.

Options :

  • Ultraviolet fluorescent lights Fast Exposure times
  • Balanced light distribution
  • Digital timer Accurate Exposure times
  • Manual or Automatic
  • Instant draw down Vacuum motor
  • Fabric Reinforced Neoprene Blanket
  • Table top or Stand alone
  • Manual frames up to 24 X 26 INCH
  • Gas shock assisted Vacuum Frame